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Gilles Caulier committed changes in [digikam] /queuemanager:

Make BatchToolsManager as singleton class
In BatchToolSet constainer, do not store tool instance, but tool name and tool group properties
Use everywhere BatchToolManager find method to get tool instance from name and group properties.
Call old unregisterTool implementation in BatchToolManager destructor.

File Changes

Modified 15 files
  • /queuemanager
  •   utilities/main/queuemgrwindow.cpp
  •   utilities/main/queuemgrwindow.h
  •   utilities/manager/actionthread.h
  •   utilities/manager/batchtool.cpp
  •   utilities/manager/batchtool.h
  •   utilities/manager/batchtoolsmanager.cpp
  •   utilities/manager/batchtoolsmanager.h
  •   utilities/manager/batchtoolutils.cpp
  •   utilities/manager/batchtoolutils.h
  •   utilities/manager/task.cpp
  •   utilities/views/assignedlist.cpp
  •   utilities/views/assignedlist.h
  •   utilities/views/queuelist.h
  •   utilities/views/toolsettingsview.cpp
  •   utilities/views/toolsettingsview.h
15 files changed in total