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Features in Utilities

Friedrich Karl Tilman Pülz committed changes in [publictransport] /:

Add action to fetch providers from

Use timetablemate.knsrc for TimetableMate, not publictransport.knsrc
from libpublictransporthelper (other install dir, upload category).

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  •   libpublictransporthelper/publictransport.knsrc
  •   engine/timetablemate/src/CMakeLists.txt
  •   engine/timetablemate/src/project.cpp
  •   engine/timetablemate/src/project.h
  •   engine/timetablemate/src/timetablemate.cpp
  •   engine/timetablemate/src/timetablemate.h
  •   engine/timetablemate/src/timetablemateui.rc
7 files changed in total