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Bug Fixes in KDE Base

Harald Sitter committed changes in [kde-workspace] /generic:

KSNI: fix IconThemePath support

IconThemePath is used by a Canonical Patch to enable all Qt apps using
QSystemTrayIcon to transparently provide a SNI with icons exported into
a temporary path. Hence the lack of support breaks icons for all Qt apps
on Ubuntu.

- in the dataengine export IconThemePath
- in the systray protocol pick up the value and forward to QML
- in QML set the themePath accordingly on the IconItem
(requires changes in runtime)

REVIEW: 107702

File Changes

Modified 4 files
  • /generic
  •   plasma/dataengines/statusnotifieritem/statusnotifieritemsource.cpp
  •   plasma/applets/systemtray/protocols/dbussystemtray/dbussystemtraytask.cpp
  •   plasma/applets/systemtray/protocols/dbussystemtray/dbussystemtraytask.h
  •   plasma/applets/systemtray/package/contents/ui/StatusNotifierItem.qml
4 files changed in total