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Bug Fixes in Office

Jean-Nicolas Artaud committed changes in [calligra/flake-configwidgets-boemann] /:

Workaround bug 311940: Plan crashes when typing a text in the filter textbox before the textbook is fully loaded when selecting a contact from the adressbook

Disable function to select a person from the kde address book. Seems to be an akonadi crash.

File Changes

Modified 5 files
  •   plan/kpttaskdefaultpanel.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptmainprojectpanel.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptresourcedialog.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kptsummarytaskgeneralpanel.cpp
  •   plan/libs/ui/kpttaskgeneralpanel.cpp
5 files changed in total