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Features in Utilities

Daniel Nicoletti committed changes in [apper] /:

Make Distro upgrade popups don't spam the user and respect the Settings,
and add initial code to check if there is a plasmoid in the tray displaying

File Changes

Modified 11 files
  •   apperd/ApperdThread.cpp
  •   apperd/DistroUpgrade.cpp
  •   apperd/DistroUpgrade.h
  •   apperd/TransactionWatcher.cpp
  •   apperd/TransactionWatcher.h
  •   apperd/UpdateIcon.cpp
  •   apperd/UpdateIcon.h
  •   libapper/Enum.h
  •   plasmoid/updaterapplet.cpp
  •   plasmoid/updaterapplet.h
  •   ApperKCM/Settings/Settings.cpp
11 files changed in total