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Features in Accessibility

Peter Grasch committed changes in [simon] /:

Reworking and restructuring active- and base model information

Both the base model configuration and the modelmanager themselves
announce model changes complete with all relevant information.
This streamlines the process of updating the model information on the
welcome page and improves performance by not having to unpack the
model(s) twice.

File Changes

Modified 11 files
  •   simon/src/welcomepage.cpp
  •   simon/src/welcomepage.h
  •   simon/src/welcomepage.ui
  •   simonlib/simonscenarios/basemodelsettings.cpp
  •   simonlib/simonscenarios/basemodelsettings.h
  •   simonlib/simonscenarios/modelmanager.cpp
  •   simonlib/simonscenarios/modelmanager.h
  •   simonlib/simonscenarios/scenariomanager.cpp
  •   simonlib/simonscenarios/scenariomanager.h
  •   simonlib/simonscenarios/speechmodelsettings.cpp
  •   simon/src/simonmodelmanagementui/CreateLanguageProfile/languageprofileview.cpp
11 files changed in total