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Bug Fixes in Office

C. Boemann committed changes in [calligra/calligra/2.6] /:

Fix bug 312611.

Fixing this involves two parts
1) Fixing the dynamic_cast for KoTextBlockData(continuation from my previous commit)
2) Fixing the styleChanged signal that was not being emitted on check/uncheck of "Restart List Numbering" checkbox

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  •   libs/textlayout/KoTextDocumentLayout.cpp
  •   libs/textlayout/ToCGenerator.cpp
  •   plugins/variables/ChapterVariable.cpp
  •   libs/kotext/styles/KoParagraphStyle.cpp
  •   plugins/textshape/commands/ChangeListLevelCommand.cpp
  •   plugins/textshape/dialogs/ParagraphBulletsNumbers.cpp
  •   plugins/textshape/dialogs/ParagraphGeneral.cpp
7 files changed in total