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Bug Fixes in Utilities

Friedrich Karl Tilman Pülz committed changes in [publictransport] /:

Fix route times, store as QDateTime, auto remove city names

Use a list of QDateTime values instead of QTime for RouteTimes.
This fixes wrong route times and works with route times at
different dates.

Add possibility to store user data for network requests in
scripts. The user data gets send to the slot connected to the
finished() signal. It gets used by the HAFAS base script to let
the parser know whether arrivals or departures have been

Fix "origin" strings for HAFAS arrivals,
they were actually targets.

Enable AutoRemoveCityNames feature for HAFAS providers, in case
no short stop names were available. Rename "enum" script object
to "enums", "enum" may cause problems (keyword).

File Changes

Modified 18 files
  •   applet/departuremodel.cpp
  •   applet/departuremodel.h
  •   applet/departureprocessor.cpp
  •   applet/publictransport.cpp
  •   applet/routegraphicsitem.cpp
  •   applet/routegraphicsitem.h
  •   engine/departureinfo.cpp
  •   engine/enums.h
  •   libpublictransporthelper/departureinfo.cpp
  •   libpublictransporthelper/departureinfo.h
  •   engine/gtfs/serviceprovidergtfs.cpp
  •   engine/gtfs/serviceprovidergtfs.h
  •   engine/script/scriptapi.cpp
  •   engine/script/scriptapi.h
  •   engine/script/scriptobjects.cpp
  •   engine/script/serviceProviders/base_hafas_routedata.js
  •   engine/script/serviceProviders/base_hafas_timetable.js
  •   engine/timetablemate/src/debugger/timetabledatarequestjob.cpp
18 files changed in total