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Features in Educational

Andreas Cord-Landwehr committed changes in [artikulate] /:

Implement type restricted phrase listing.

This patch adds the logic to the difficulty selector: restrict
the displayed phrases to a specific difficulty level.

File Changes

Modified 11 files
  •   autotests/testcoursefiles.cpp
  •   src/core/phrase.h
  •   src/core/profile.cpp
  •   src/core/profile.h
  •   src/core/resourcemanager.cpp
  •   src/core/unit.cpp
  •   src/core/unit.h
  •   src/models/phrasemodel.cpp
  •   src/models/phrasemodel.h
  •   src/models/unitmodel.cpp
  •   src/qml/TrainerCourse.qml
11 files changed in total