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Optimization in Multimedia

Ralf Engels committed changes in [amarok] /playlist:

Speed up deleting many items from playlist.

Originally removing 10000 items took me 55s.
Following changes decreased the time to 4.3s.

- Improve Status widget
- Use references for tracks from PlaylistItems. Updating the reference
count for tracks took a long time.
- Use references also for the playlist functions. Since the calling
function already has the shared pointer it's impossible that
it can run out of scope.
- Unsubscribe after the removals have been done since we have
a smaller list to check.

File Changes

Modified 6 files
  • /playlist
  •   src/PlaylistItem.h
  •   src/PlaylistModel.cpp
  •   src/PlaylistModel.h
  •   src/proxymodels/AbstractModel.h
  •   src/proxymodels/ProxyBase.cpp
  •   src/proxymodels/ProxyBase.h
6 files changed in total