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Jaime Torres Amate committed changes in [knavalbattle] /:

implement the possibility of non adjacent ships

Before, the only game option was to play with adjacent ships.
Now it is possible to choose between the two options, adjacent or not,
including the network games.
The game mode can not be changed in the middle of a battle.
The local user settings are not affected by a network game. Both
players will play the same game type, but after that, the local options
will apply for new local games.

FIXED-IN: 11.0
REVIEW: 106772
GUI: There is a new settings menu entry (Adjacent ships)

File Changes

Modified 16 files
  •   src/battlefield.cpp
  •   src/battlefield.h
  •   src/controller.cpp
  •   src/controller.h
  •   src/kbattleship.kcfg
  •   src/kbattleshipui.rc
  •   src/mainwindow.cpp
  •   src/message.cpp
  •   src/message.h
  •   src/networkentity.cpp
  •   src/playfield.cpp
  •   src/playfield.h
  •   src/protocol.cpp
  •   src/sea.cpp
  •   src/sea.h
  •   src/ship.cpp
16 files changed in total