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Features in Development Tools

Sven Brauch committed changes in [kdev-python/1.5] /:

Implement identifier-similarity aware sorting of completion items

If you have completion items called foobar and bazbang, and you write
myobj.foobar_of_obj = | then the "foobar" item will be sorted higher
than bazbang, even tough bazbang is alphabetically first.
This should be quite useful in some situations.

File Changes

Modified 8 files
  •   codecompletion/context.cpp
  •   codecompletion/context.h
  •   codecompletion/helpers.cpp
  •   codecompletion/helpers.h
  •   codecompletion/items/declaration.cpp
  •   codecompletion/items/declaration.h
  •   codecompletion/tests/pycompletiontest.cpp
  •   codecompletion/tests/pycompletiontest.h
8 files changed in total