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Features in Office

Sebastian Sauer committed changes in [calligra/coffice] /:

Add support for Microsoft Word DOC and DOT

1. Microsoft Word binary doc, dot, etc. are fully supported now.

That means Coffice now finally supports all those Microsoft Word
file formats except for RTF. A hallelujah on compatibility and
interoperability :)

2. filters

This also improves the previous hacky filter-integration, makes
it more robust, fixes a problem with temporary files and proper
registers and handles OOXML macroEnabled documents.

3. libiconv

I also replaced the libiconv dependency of filters/words/msword-odf
with QTextCodec what is needed cause neither the Android NDK not
Necessitas ship libiconv (its a non-exported static lib in
Necessitas/Qt) what would force us to repackage libiconv to make
it accessible for msword-odf.

So, what I did was to completley remove the libiconv dependency
from msword-odf and adjusted the textconverter to use QTextCodec
which provides us access to the underlying and in Qt buildin
libiconv without the need to link to it.

It seems to work fine with all the documents I tested and plan
is to upstream this into master more sooner then later so we
are able to remove libiconv dependency all together from

What is missing is proper testing on a big-endian architecture
since I somehow doubt we do proper handle ucs2/utf16 on them.

File Changes

Modified 8 files
  •   coffice/Calligra-01.patchfile
  •   coffice/android/AndroidManifest.xml
  •   coffice/calligrafilters/
  •   coffice/calligraplugins/
  •   coffice/coffice/AppManager.cpp
  •   coffice/coffice/Document_p.h
  •   coffice/coffice/FileSystemModel.cpp
  •   coffice/fake/kmimetype.h
8 files changed in total