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Features in KDE Base

Kai Uwe Broulik committed changes in [kde-workspace] /generic:

Improve Battery Monitor with multiple batteries:
- Show Battery Name, if available, instead of just Battery 1, Battery 2,
- Don't add non-power-supply batteries to the overall percentage
- Drop "Show battery status for each battery", it is now always on,
given that in systray it only shows one icon anyway and now does that
right, and if there's a mouse you wouldn't want it to be not shown,
so it would show them anyway which is a contradiction to the setting

REVIEW: 110431

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  • /generic
  •   plasma/dataengines/powermanagement/powermanagementengine.cpp
  •   plasma/dataengines/powermanagement/powermanagementengine.h
  •   plasma/applets/batterymonitor/contents/code/logic.js
  •   plasma/applets/batterymonitor/contents/config/main.xml
  •   plasma/applets/batterymonitor/contents/ui/batterymonitor.qml
  •   plasma/applets/batterymonitor/contents/ui/config.ui
  •   plasma/applets/batterymonitor/contents/ui/PopupDialog.qml
7 files changed in total