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Features in Multimedia

Matěj Laitl committed changes in [amarok] /:

Playlist sort widget: reimplement Shuffle "sort" as an action.

Remove now-unnecessary Shuffle handlers in sort-related functions.
Additionally, PlaylistController::moveRows() has been modified to help
with big move actions (validation complexity reduced).

Playlist::BreadcrumbItemMenu introduced to deduplicate logic between
Playlist::BreadcrumbItem and Playlist::BreadcrumbAddMenuButton.

GUI: In the playlist sort widget, the Shuffle menu entry is now
separated from other entries. Activating the entry no longer results in
a "Shuffle" sort level being added.

REVIEW: 110658

File Changes

Modified 20 files
  •   ChangeLog
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistActions.cpp
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistActions.h
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistBreadcrumbItem.cpp
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistBreadcrumbItem.h
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistBreadcrumbItemSortButton.cpp
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistBreadcrumbItemSortButton.h
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistBreadcrumbLevel.cpp
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistBreadcrumbLevel.h
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistController.cpp
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistController.h
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistDefines.h
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistModel.cpp
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistSortWidget.cpp
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistSortWidget.h
  •   tests/playlist/TestPlaylistModels.cpp
  •   tests/playlist/TestPlaylistModels.h
  •   src/playlist/proxymodels/SortAlgorithms.cpp
  •   src/playlist/proxymodels/SortAlgorithms.h
  •   src/playlist/proxymodels/SortScheme.cpp
20 files changed in total