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Features in Multimedia

Matěj Laitl committed changes in [amarok] /:

TrackLoader, PlaylistController: support for treating remote playlists as streams

...and use it in MainWindow::slotAddStream().

TODO: use this also for the "remote playlists are streams" hackery for
scripted services, at much more appropriate place than

File Changes

Modified 9 files
  •   src/App.cpp
  •   src/MainWindow.cpp
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistController.cpp
  •   src/playlist/PlaylistController.h
  •   src/scriptengine/AmarokPlaylistScript.cpp
  •   src/core-impl/support/TrackLoader.cpp
  •   src/core-impl/support/TrackLoader.h
  •   src/dbus/mpris2/MediaPlayer2Player.cpp
  •   src/core-impl/collections/support/CollectionManager.cpp
9 files changed in total