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Bug Fixes in Accessibility

Peter Grasch committed changes in [simon] /:

Fixing Server > Client rollout on initial setup

* The built-in default scenario used to mark itself as "just created"
causing it to appear "newer" than a potentially modified scenario on
the server. Fixed.
* The built-in default scenario configuration defaulted to the current
time (first start). Again, this might overwrite a potentially modified
server configuration. Fixed.
* The server used to send the list of scenarios to activate before
synchronizing available scenarios. This may cause the client to
initialize non-existing scenarios, causing a crash. Fixed.

File Changes

Modified 4 files
  •   simond/src/clientsocket.cpp
  •   simonlib/simonscenarios/scenario.cpp
  •   simonlib/simonscenarios/scenario.h
  •   simonlib/simonscenarios/scenariomanager.cpp
4 files changed in total