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Features in Networking Tools

Dan Vratil committed changes in [ktp-text-ui] /:

Show a message when no logs are available for given contact or day

Shows a label saying "There are no logs for this day" or "There are no
logs for this contact" when user selects a date without logs or starts
logviewer with ID of a contact for which we have no logs.

REVIEW: 111088

FIXED-IN: 0.7.0

File Changes

Modified 6 files
  •   logviewer/entity-view.cpp
  •   logviewer/entity-view.h
  •   logviewer/log-viewer.cpp
  •   logviewer/log-viewer.h
  •   logviewer/message-view.cpp
  •   logviewer/message-view.h
6 files changed in total