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Michael Pyne committed changes in [kdesrc-build] /:

svn: Remove SSL signature for

In the past some KDE SVN modules used the "svn external" feature to pull
in other SVN repositories. These svn-external links were on the *server*
side so the link URL had to use a single scheme.

This scheme was https, which caused quite some problems for anonsvn
users just trying to update from SVN being an unattended kdesrc-build
run, as the SSL cert for was not signed by a well-known CA.
As a result kdesrc-build updated svn automatically with the expected KDE
SVN SSL signature to avoid blocking on the interactive warning.

This is no longer required. The modules that used svn externals have
pretty much moved onto git now. The new svn server does not even have an
https interface, so this is dead code now, and removed accordingly.

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