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Bug Fixes in Multimedia

Matěj Laitl committed changes in [amarok] /:

SqlScanResultProcessor: fix stupid data-loss bug caused by my commit ca88c8d3

Commit ca88c8d3 introduced some extra logic and a member variable in
order to fix bug 311078. However, I forgot to add the variable into the
cleanupMembers() method, which resulted in state leaking from one
scanner to another.

What happened:
1. User performed full rescan. For every directory in the collection,
deleteDeletedTracksAndSubdirs() was called, which essentially
inserted all existing directory ids to m_scannedDirectoryIds.
2. All member variables were cleared except m_scannedDirectoryIds,
which leaked into the next run.
3. A file was changed, which triggered partial update scan run with
only a couple of changed directories.
4. Its deleteDeletedDirectories() method was called, which called
deletedDirectories(), which used m_scannedDirectoryIds as a basis,
removed just the newly scanned dirs from it and returned all the
5. deleteDeletedDirectories() deleted all but newly scanned
6. strohel feels ashamed.

The fix is to simply clear m_scannedDirectoryIds in cleanupMembers().

In addition to fixing bug 322603, this should also minimise changes of
reproducing bug 322474 (but not fixing the actual bug)


File Changes

Modified 2 files
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  •   src/core-impl/collections/db/sql/SqlScanResultProcessor.cpp
2 files changed in total