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Features in User Interface

Konstantinos Smanis committed changes in [kcm-grub2] /:

*ADDED: Preliminary submenu support.

This is a first attempt at implementing submenu support. The parsing
code et al. is just fine, but the QComboBox+QTreeView combination leaves
a lot to be desired.

Specifically, I couldn't find a proper way to match the currently
selected item in the view with the corresponding QModelIndex. QComboBox
only advertises the current text and index, which is not enough for a
unique '1-1' mapping. The current QPersistentModelIndex is hidden in the
private implementation, no can do about it.

Perhaps a different widget combination could yield better results.

File Changes

Added 2 files
  •   src/common.cpp
  •   src/entry.cpp
Modified 5 files
  •   src/CMakeLists.txt
  •   src/kcm_grub2.cpp
  •   src/kcm_grub2.h
  •   src/removeDlg.cpp
  •   src/removeDlg.h
7 files changed in total