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Optimization in KDE Base

Alex Fiestas committed changes in [bluedevil/obexftp-bluez5] /kio/obexftp/daemon:

Rewrite obexftpdaemon, preapre for new way of doing obexftp.

The idea goes as follow:

The KDED will keep track only of sessions the rest will be done in the
slave, for example this is how listDir will look like:

-KIO asks KDED for a session
-KDED returns an already existing one, or creates a new one
-KIO then uses that sessionPath to call listDir

All KDED operations will be Async, all KIO Sync.

When a kio-slave needs a sessionm, will ask the KDED, in the case where

File Changes

Deleted 5 files
  • /kio/obexftp/daemon
  •   src/obexsession.cpp
  •   src/obexsession.h
  •   src/qstringmap.h
  •   src/obexftp/listdirjob.cpp
  •   src/obexftp/listdirjob.h
Modified 4 files
  • /kio/obexftp/daemon
  •   src/CMakeLists.txt
  •   src/ObexFtpDaemon.cpp
  •   src/obexftpdaemon.desktop
  •   src/ObexFtpDaemon.h
9 files changed in total