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Casian Andrei committed changes in [phonon/five] /:

Begin refactoring Source, major clean up

Initial cleanup round for Source

Remove ifdef blocks about abstractmediastream

Horde of build fixes including fixes for AbstractMediaStream

Put prefix for SourcePrivate members

Virtual destructor for Source

Reorder Source copy constructor, remove friends

Device name from string to byte array

Rename (rhs) parameter to (other)

Reorganize includes for Source

Replace DiscType with Source::DeviceType

Add SourceControl skeleton code

Standardize header guards for Source related headers

File Changes

Added 4 files
  •   phonon/sourcecontrol.cpp
  •   phonon/sourcecontrol.h
  •   phonon/sourcecontrol_p.h
  •   phonon/sourcecontrolinterface.h
Modified 17 files
  •   phonon/abstractmediastream.cpp
  •   phonon/abstractmediastream.h
  •   phonon/abstractmediastream_p.h
  •   phonon/CMakeLists.txt
  •   phonon/iodevicestream.cpp
  •   phonon/iodevicestream_p.h
  •   phonon/phononnamespace.cpp
  •   phonon/phononnamespace.h
  •   phonon/player.cpp
  •   phonon/player.h
  •   phonon/player_p.h
  •   phonon/source.cpp
  •   phonon/source.h
  •   phonon/source_p.h
  •   phonon/streaminterface.cpp
  •   phonon/streaminterface.h
  •   phonon/streaminterface_p.h
21 files changed in total