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Aleix Pol Gonzalez committed changes in [kalgebra/kf5] /plugins/widgets/harmattan:

It doesn't seem to be very likely that Nokia releases a phone with Qt5 ;)

We can always resurrect it from KDE4 if some platform stills keeps using
Qt Components instead of the QtControls with Qt5.

File Changes

Deleted 10 files
  • /plugins/widgets/harmattan
  •   mobile/Button.qml
  •   mobile/CalcButton.qml
  •   mobile/CMakeLists.txt
  •   mobile/ExpressionInput.qml
  •   mobile/KAlgebraMobile.qml
  •   mobile/KAlgebraPage.qml
  •   mobile/Keyboard.qml
  •   mobile/Label.qml
  •   mobile/RealInput.qml
  •   mobile/SimpleListView.qml
10 files changed in total