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Features in KDE Base

Hugo Pereira Da Costa committed changes in [kde-workspace] /:

Added option in oxygenrc to disable window background:


Option is hidden (no UI element) because of string freeze
Also removed decoration blend style option.
Background gradient is now always decided based on window flag.

File Changes

Modified 12 files
  •   kstyles/oxygen/oxygen.kcfg
  •   kstyles/oxygen/oxygenstyle.cpp
  •   kstyles/oxygen/oxygenstylehelper.cpp
  •   kstyles/oxygen/oxygenstylehelper.h
  •   kwin/clients/oxygen/oxygenclient.cpp
  •   kwin/clients/oxygen/oxygenconfigdata.kcfg
  •   kwin/clients/oxygen/oxygendecorationdefines.h
  •   kwin/clients/oxygen/oxygenexceptionlist.cpp
  •   kwin/clients/oxygen/config/oxygenconfigwidget.cpp
  •   kwin/clients/oxygen/config/oxygenexceptiondialog.cpp
  •   kwin/clients/oxygen/config/ui/oxygenconfigurationui.ui
  •   kwin/clients/oxygen/config/ui/oxygenexceptiondialog.ui
12 files changed in total