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Bug Fixes in Multimedia

Christian Esken committed changes in [kmix] /:

Configuration menu is now using Tabs to provide a more standard,
convenient and pleasing layout
Sound Menu: Play button reflects playback status and shows either
"Play" or "Pause"
Bugfixes and Features (CCBUGS, as most bugs are already closed). Hint: Some
bugs might have actually been alreay fixed ibn KDE4.11 or KDE4.12.

Bug ID Severity Summary
CC critical kmix start delayed on 20 seconds
CC normal mpris volume/play status not in sync with app in kmix
CC normal KMix Does Not Unmute Master Audio Channel
CC normal Tray popup obscures vertical panel
CC normal KMix does not distinguish separate channels on one
volume control
CC normal Tray plasmoid scroll/hiding issues [read description]
CC crash Kmix crashed after selecting Amarok as master
CC normal kmix size is not restored by session management, only
CC major KMix volume icon is unstale during playback

File Changes

Modified 42 files
  •   ChangeLog
  •   CMakeLists.txt
  •   apps/kmix.cpp
  •   apps/kmix.h
  •   apps/KMixApp.cpp
  •   apps/kmixctrl.cpp
  •   apps/kmixd.cpp
  •   backends/mixer_backend.cpp
  •   backends/mixer_backend.h
  •   backends/mixer_mpris2.cpp
  •   backends/mixer_mpris2.h
  •   backends/mixer_oss.cpp
  •   backends/mixer_pulse.cpp
  •   core/ControlManager.cpp
  •   core/GlobalConfig.cpp
  •   core/GlobalConfig.h
  •   core/kmixdevicemanager.cpp
  •   core/mixdevice.cpp
  •   core/mixdevice.h
  •   core/mixer.cpp
  •   core/mixertoolbox.cpp
  •   core/version.h
  •   core/volume.cpp
  •   core/volume.h
  •   gui/dialogchoosebackends.cpp
  •   gui/dialogchoosebackends.h
  •   gui/dialogviewconfiguration.cpp
  •   gui/guiprofile.cpp
  •   gui/guiprofile.h
  •   gui/kmixdockwidget.cpp
  •   gui/kmixdockwidget.h
  •   gui/kmixerwidget.cpp
  •   gui/kmixprefdlg.cpp
  •   gui/kmixprefdlg.h
  •   gui/mdwslider.cpp
  •   gui/mdwslider.h
  •   gui/viewbase.cpp
  •   gui/viewbase.h
  •   gui/viewdockareapopup.cpp
  •   gui/viewdockareapopup.h
  •   gui/viewsliders.cpp
  •   gui/volumesliderextradata.h
42 files changed in total