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Optimization in KDE-PIM

Jan Kundrát committed changes in [trojita] src/Imap/Model/Model.cpp:

optimization: filter-out non-system keywords early on

There's an easy heuristic -- if a flag doesn't start with backslash or the
dollar sign, it cannot possibly be a systemwide flag, and therefore it doesn't
make sense to look for it in the list of predefined system flags.

A rough measurement indicates cca. 1% speedup on the test_Imap_Threading
benchmark, which is pretty nice, I would say.

Btw, there are hints [1] [2] that the user-defined keywords are case insensitive
as well. However, that's a rather complicated subject which touches on keywords
being (or not being) restricted to 7bit, and as such I do not really want to
open *this* can of worms.


REVIEW: 116642

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  • src/Imap/Model/Model.cpp
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