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Bug Fixes in Office

Arjen Hiemstra committed changes in [calligra] /sketch:

sketch: Cleanup the Tool panel and tool config pages

It is not too surprising the panel cannot scroll when the container item
has a size of 0. This also cleans up most of the tool config pages that
contained way too many nested things. As a bonus, the RangeInput fields
in the tool panel now work again.

File Changes

Modified 7 files
  • /sketch
  •   krita/qml/panels/ToolPanel.qml
  •   krita/themes/default/colors.js
  •   krita/qml/panels/toolconfigpages/crop.qml
  •   krita/qml/panels/toolconfigpages/fill.qml
  •   krita/qml/panels/toolconfigpages/gradient.qml
  •   krita/qml/panels/toolconfigpages/move.qml
  •   krita/qml/panels/toolconfigpages/paint.qml
7 files changed in total