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Features in Development Tools

Sergey Kalinichev committed changes in [kdevelop] /plugins/custom-definesandincludes/kcm_widget:

Add batch edit mode to the Defines and Includes GUI

Now it's possible to modify many include directories and defined
macros at the same time.

REVIEW: 118191

File Changes

Added 1 files
  • languages/plugins/custom-definesandincludes/kcm_widget/batchedit.ui
Modified 7 files
  • /plugins/custom-definesandincludes/kcm_widget
  •   languages/CMakeLists.txt
  •   languages/defineswidget.cpp
  •   languages/includeswidget.cpp
  •   languages/includeswidget.ui
  •   languages/projectpathswidget.cpp
  •   languages/projectpathswidget.h
  •   languages/projectpathswidget.ui
8 files changed in total