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Features in Office

Dmitry Kazakov committed changes in [calligra] /:

[FEATURE] Added a Scalable Distance option to Weighted Smoothing

Now if you activate "Scalable Distance" option for a brush tool,
the distance will be corrected to your current zoom level. It means
that your stylus will be "stabilized" the same way at any zoom level
you choose.

File Changes

Modified 13 files
  •   krita/ui/kis_canvas_resource_provider.cpp
  •   krita/ui/kis_canvas_resource_provider.h
  •   krita/ui/
  •   krita/ui/kis_config.h
  •   krita/ui/
  •   krita/ui/canvas/kis_coordinates_converter.cpp
  •   krita/ui/tool/kis_resources_snapshot.cpp
  •   krita/ui/tool/kis_resources_snapshot.h
  •   krita/ui/tool/kis_smoothing_options.cpp
  •   krita/ui/tool/kis_smoothing_options.h
  •   krita/ui/tool/kis_tool_freehand_helper.cpp
  •   krita/plugins/tools/defaulttools/
  •   krita/plugins/tools/defaulttools/kis_tool_brush.h
13 files changed in total