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Features in KDE Base

Aleix Pol Gonzalez committed changes in [solid] /solid/devices:

Add timeToFull/timeToEmpty, recall notice and FullyCharged to Solid::Battery

This adds the following functionality to Solid::Battery:

- timeToFull and timeToEmpty (at the moment provided by PowerDevil but for all batteries combined, this patch does it individually for each)
- rename isPlugged to isPresent (as plugged always confused me - it has nothing to do with whether AC is plugged in but if the battery is "present in its bay", it's also the name of the UPower iface)
- FullyCharged battery state, we cannot rely on the battery being 100%, and since the info is provided by UPower (not on HAL), why not use it
- RecallVendor/RecallUrl when a battery has been recalled by the vendor, currently provided/handled by PowerDevil
- Serial number of the battery

Sorry for the hard to read patch but I also re-ordered some methods to have the order in all implementations and headers the same.

REVIEW: 117339

File Changes

Modified 9 files
  • /solid/devices
  •   src/frontend/battery.cpp
  •   src/frontend/battery.h
  •   src/ifaces/battery.h
  •   src/backends/fakehw/fakebattery.cpp
  •   src/backends/fakehw/fakebattery.h
  •   src/backends/hal/halbattery.cpp
  •   src/backends/hal/halbattery.h
  •   src/backends/upower/upowerbattery.cpp
  •   src/backends/upower/upowerbattery.h
9 files changed in total