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Bug Fixes in KDE Base

Luca Beltrame committed changes in [plasma-desktop] kcms/formats/kcmformats.cpp:

Formats KCM: Use QLocale::name() when writing to the configuration file

Currently the Formats KCM writes its configuration file using the
selected locale's bcp47Name(). This breaks locale loading as locales are in
the form "foo_FOO" (e.g., "it_IT" for my own locale) and instead the Formats
KCM exports LANG as "foo" (e.g. "it").

This causes a bunch of runtime warnings and locales don't get actually

This is just part of the job: more work is needed for encoding and
script handling (see TODO in the comment).

Reviewed-by: Sebastian Kugler, John Layt, Lukas Tinkl

REVIEW: 118584

File Changes

Modified 1 files
  • kcms/formats/kcmformats.cpp
1 files changed in total