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Optimization in Development Tools

Andreas Hartmetz committed changes in [dferry] /:

Rework message ownership when passing from / to Transceiver.

Since Message is noncopyable but movable, there is no reason to use a
unique_ptr - the move semantics are fully built-in with the d-pointer
and all. If we have an indirection, might as well use it.

Also add a cookie parameter to PendingReply, which should often save
its clients a hash / map if they intend to do any routing of their
own. Save a pointer elsewhere in PendingReplyPrivate by exploiting
the fact that transceiver (which supplies a reply) and reply are
never relevant at the same time.

File Changes

Modified 15 files
  •   CMakeLists.txt
  •   applications/dfer.cpp
  •   buslogic/pendingreply.cpp
  •   buslogic/pendingreply.h
  •   buslogic/pendingreply_p.h
  •   buslogic/transceiver.cpp
  •   buslogic/transceiver.h
  •   buslogic/transceiver_p.h
  •   events/timer.cpp
  •   serialization/message.cpp
  •   serialization/message.h
  •   applications/analyzerpart/eavesdropperthread.cpp
  •   applications/analyzerpart/eavesdropperthread.h
  •   tests/buslogic/tst_pendingreply.cpp
  •   tests/serialization/tst_message.cpp
15 files changed in total