10th January 2003 by Derek Kite

This Week...

Apple Safari uses khtml, merge of Apple contributions, Krdc features and numerous bug fixes.
Many thanks to Melchior Franz for suggestions and help with html and favicons. It's easy to find an answer when you know the question. If some kind soul would like to draw an icon I could use as a shortcut icon, it would be much appreciated. I swiped one from the kde icon packages. Not very original.
Dirk Mueller responded:
I hope so too. I'm deeply impressed by your detailed changelog and by the changes. A few of the changes have already happened in "our" developing version and many of them were on our TODOs. For example just about this weekend I was working on improving the kjs garbage collector and now I read that you apparently already fixed the issues I had with it. Seems to me like a huge christmas gift. Thank you. Thanks a lot.

Especially I'd like to hope that we could set up a mailing list where we could exchange ideas, patches and bug reports. Also a common testsuite for regressions would be nice and probably help us a lot in developing KHTML and KJS further. Ideally the plan should be, and I hope you agree, to use a common codebase for the backend.
You will see in the Konqueror section below a number of patches that have been included in the kde repository. It is worthwhile looking at the changes to see the amount of work that has been contributed.

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