17th January 2003 by Derek Kite

This Week...

VFolder support, bugfixes in Konqueror, some security fixes. The first commits for Kaplan started coming in, the Kmail merges from the different branches are finally coming together.
It has been a very busy week. 3.1 will probably be released at the end of the week. Very likely the announcement will come hours after this digest is published.

Also, the khtml crew were busy merging fixes from Apple. Mostly bug fixes and implementing missing functionality for now, but the performance enhancements will come. It is worthwhile reading some of the comments. Doc Searls wrote about the announcement, ending his column with the comment "We'll see where it goes". Mark Pilgrim compiled a large list of links. Hopefully the two groups of developers will work closely, improving the software for everyone. No matter what, the profile of the KDE project has been raised considerably.
I asked him what these changes did:
> I noticed a whole lot of commits regarding categories in vfolders. Does
> this have to do with menus? Or better put, a way for an application to be
> automatically added to the menu of gnome, and other desktop environments?

Yes, see http://www.freedesktop.org/standards/menu/draft/menu-spec/menu-spec.html

and e.g.
Quoting from the spec "This DRAFT document defines how to construct a user-visible hierarchy of applications, typically displayed as a menu. It allows third-party software to add menu items that work for all desktops, and allows system administrators to edit menus in a way that affects all desktops."

The vfolder categories were added to all the applications in the kde repository.

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