24th January 2003 by Derek Kite

This Week...

Kaplan was renamed Kontact, which is a personal information management application for KDE that integrates KMail, KAddressBook, KOrganizer, and other applications. As part of the integration, Kmail has moved to kdepim. Khtml continues to improve and benefit from the Apple Safari work. The KOffice filters continue to be improved, and a VCard parser was added to Kdepim.
A number of new applications were added to the repository. Wifi, from kwirelesstools by Stefan Winter was added to kdenetwork. With the application KWiFiManager you can configure and monitor your wireless LAN PC-Cards under Linux/KDE. KGamma is a KDE Control Center module for gamma calibration/correction of XFree86. With proper gamma settings, your display (websites, images, etc.) will look the same on your monitor as on other monitors. KMouth is a KDE program which enables persons that cannot speak to let their computer speak. Kmousetool is a KDE program that clicks the mouse for you.
Over the last couple of weeks, Luboš Luňák and Karol Szwed have been working on kwin. This document explains what is happening:
Adding a NetWM compliance document listing all NetWM defined properties and messages as per freedesktop.org. Currently the compliance level for each property is empty, but will be filled in as the NetWM audit progresses.
The specification is at http://www.freedesktop.org/standards/wm-spec/1.3/html/. As you can see from the COMPLIANCE document, much has already been accomplished. Initially the changes were in the HEAD branch, but a new branch, kwin_iii is where the current development is taking place. This will improve interoperability between the different window managers.
Alexander Kellett has been working on keditbookmarks. This week, the make_it_even_cooler_branch was merged with HEAD. I asked him:
You have done extensive work on keditbookmarks, and I would appreciate some comments on your work.
In response, he said:
in summary for keditbookmarks at the moment i'm trying to get the code more readable, remove some bugs in the process and am doing features every once in a while. i added a recursive favicon updater and command line netscape and mozilla bookmarks exporter during the last few weeks.
Last week I predicted that 3.1 would be out by now. As of thursday evening, still no release. I have scheduled time to upgrade this weekend. We shall see.

More changes to the page layout. I wasn't happy with the table of contents, so it was changed. Thanks to Melchior Franz for the idea and code. An optimization section has been added, pointing to changes whose purpose is to make KDE faster. The order of the sections is changed, with features first. Bug fixes will be put at the beginning after the code freeze for 3.2. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please send me an email.

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