28th March 2003 by Derek Kite

This Week...

KBugBuster can now read most Bugzilla sites. The integration of Kafka (wysiwyg html editor) with Quanta begins. A new KSplash is introduced, KSpread gets some serious optimizations.
Read the Weekly Summary Report from bugs.kde.org.
As listed below in the New Features section, Cornelius Schumacher committed an improvement to KBugBuster, with the following comment:
Added support for non-KDE versions of Bugzilla. KBugBuster can now also read Bugzilla versions 2.10., 2.14.2 and 2.17.1. This includes the Bugzillas of GNOME, Mozilla, Apache, XFree86, Ximian, RedHat and probably more.
Chris Howells responded:
Wow, very nice. Might be worth advertising that ability around a bit :)
Ian Reinhart Geiser asked:
How hard is this to port to generic Bugzilla. It would be a REAL cool for companies to use this for their internal Bugzilla.
Cornelius Schumacher responded:
It's already quite generic, but there are many different flavours of Bugzilla out there. Fortunately only few are that badly modified as the OpenOffice version which replaces most occurences of "bug" by "issue" making most of the parsing functions fail.
Note that currently this is limitied to read-only access. Only for the KDE Bugzilla there is some support for modifying bugs through the KDE specific mail interface. Providing generic write access is much harder than reading the data and will probably not be possible without modifications on the server side.

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