4th April 2003 by Derek Kite

This Week...

Continuous improvements to the development tools, with Quanta, Kate and Kdevelop getting optimizations and bug fixes. New and improved filters in Koffice, the large rewrite of Kig is finished, and work on new themes and theme engine.
KcmDhcpd allows you to configure your ISC DHCP server. Willy De la Court announced that kcmdhcpd is feature complete:
Hi all,

I want to announce to the people who where interested that for the moment kcmdhcpd is feature complete.

You can test it in CVS HEAD in the kdenonbeta module. This will only work with a CVS HEAD release of kdelibs since it uses real new stuff.

You can start it with kcmshell dhcpd or in the control panel under Internet & network.

Comments remarks questions bugreports are welcome.

Be careful this is still alpha software so please make a backup of your files before using this.
The layout of the Digest has been changed. All the changes in a particular module, ie. Development Tools, are now grouped together. The new features, bugfixes and optimizations can be read in sequence, instead of having to jump around the document. If you have any comments or suggestions or flames, please send me an email. Thanks to Melchior Franz for the ideas.
Eva Brucherseifer wrote regarding KDE-Shirts available:
Pictures of our embroidered KDE-Shirts and other information are now available at http://www.kernelconcepts.de/products/kde/index-en.shtml You can order shirts, pins or KDE's version of Knoppix directly from kernelconcepts or by using our form at http://events.kde.org/registration.
What I really want is a hat with this out the top while confusing everyone by reading this. Alexander Kellett could have used it when writing this.

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