18th April 2003 by Derek Kite

This Week...

We can now do bash scripting in KDevelop. KGhostview gets command line switches and some bug fixes. Konqueror tab delay fixed again, Safari fixes to v68 (current is v73) merged. Kicker docking and Kwin crash bugs fixed.
Lukáš Tinkl wrote:
I tagged the the first beta (KOFFICE_1_3_BETA1) of koffice and koffice-i18n, created the source packages and now I'm waiting for Andreas to do the announcement. After that, beta1 will be oficially released; note that we won't wait for all the binary packages to appear (so far there's SuSE and Slackware).

Then you may start committing new features again, according to the plan (until the second beta, due around June 10, 2003).

This beta has code version 1.2.90 (beta2 will be 1.2.91 and so on), so don't be surprised: it's because of problems that versions like "1.3-beta1" might pose to RPM packages.
We should see the announcement on www.koffice.org shortly.
Caleb Tennis wrote me a note saying:
Just an FYI that I plan on announcing kdevelop 3.0 alpha 4a release. It's on the download sites now. It's available as KDEVELOP_3_0_ALPHA_4A tag from cvs.
A list of the major changes is available here. For binary and source packages, here.
  • NEW - New File Creation Interface
  • NEW - Search/Replace Part for multiple files
  • NEW - Application Templates - kdehello, javahello, qtopia, fortran
  • NEW - Make Output View Verbosity Configuration
  • NEW - Fortran, Ruby, and tmake Project Support
  • ADDED - New Class Wizard Added Features (inc. Make Member support)
  • ADDED - Better documentation browsing, xml support
  • ADDED - Rewritten Classparser code
  • ADDED - DCOP interface for FilterParts and CppParts
  • IMPROVED - Rewritten Background Class Parsing
  • IMPROVED - Perl Project Support
  • IMPROVED - Integrated Doxygen Support Numerous bug fixes (debugger, IDEAl mode layouts, ..)

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