25th April 2003 by Derek Kite

This Week...

Khtml gets table layout fixes. Many Kscreensavers bugs are fixed. Kdevelop adds database programming support. UML, Dia and engineering stencils added to Kivio.
As announced, Koffice 1.3 beta is released. Konstruct makes it easy to compile and test these releases. Look at the general instructions on how to use Konstruct. Get the konstruct sources from cvs, change to the apps/koffice-unstable directory, and run make. It should get a source tarball, and start compiling it. Please report any bugs you find.
Last week I searched without success for a changelog describing the changes in Safari. Matt Newell posted this link on kfm-devel:

Hope someone finds this useful. I found it on David Hyatt's blog.
Further khtml news posted by Stig Nygaard. Omniweb, another Mac browser, is now incorporating the WebCore framework used in Safari.
Of course its not as big as when Apple announced Safari, but congratulations nevertheless.


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