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Features in KDE Base

Sebastian Kügler committed changes in /trunk/playground/base/guidance/powermanager:

New Powermanager has Idletime detection now

Simon checked in a new feature for the ixf86misc module some days ago which adds support for querying xscreen-saver for the time the machine has been idle.

This feature uses this new functionality. The UI has changed to include the option to set the time the machine should wait until it suspends, for both, battery-powered and mains-powered modes. The radiobuttongroup has been replaced by a QComboBox in order to remove clutter.

This feature needs some additional testing and polishing, sometimes, after a resume, X will report very long idle times and will only recover after some seconds, this is worked around by checking if the skew isn't too big. Also, we'll want to reset the idle time post-resume so the machine doesn't suspend right again, this functionality needs to be added to the xf86misc python module.

Note: For this feature, the dependency on xf86misc is added, this has to be recompiled. The UI files have to be recompiled as well. Some names have changed in both, the UI and the code for consistency matters, config compatibility, however, should be maintained.

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