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Features in KDE Base

Sebastian Trueg committed changes in /trunk/playground/base/nepomuk-kde/strigiindexer:

New indexer for Strigi which indexes Nepomuk-KDE meta information by using libKMetaData.

Seems not to work yet but I need to put it online for Jos to have a look at it.

File Changes

Added 10 files
  • /trunk/playground/base/nepomuk-kde/strigiindexer
  •   /cmake
  •   /CMakeLists.txt
  •   /src
  •   /cmake/modules
  •   /src/CMakeLists.txt
  •   /src/nepthroughanalyser.cpp
  •   /src/nepthroughanalyser.h
  •   /cmake/modules/FindKMetaData.cmake
  •   /cmake/modules/FindStrigi.cmake
10 files changed in total