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Andreas Hartmetz committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdelibs/kdeui:

Fancypants new global shortcuts system codenamed "fruity fruitcake" brought to you by Mercurial (so you didn't see it coming), the KDE eV (even though I probably won't collect the aKademy reimbursement now that I have a job), and a very tired Andreas.

The new system tries hard to avoid conflicts and surprises, e.g. shortcuts changing from program start to program start. It has new shortcut setter semantics that make for an "interesting" API but there seems to be no uninteresting API that's also safe in this case.

The missing documentation and the unimplemented function or two are also interesting. Basic things works, though. There is even a unit test with reasonable coverage.

File Changes

Added 8 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdelibs/kdeui
  •   /shortcuts/kdedglobalaccel.cpp
  •   /shortcuts/kdedglobalaccel.desktop
  •   /shortcuts/kdedglobalaccel.h
  •   /shortcuts/kdedglobalaccel_adaptor.h
  •   /shortcuts/kdedglobalaccel_interface.h
  •   /shortcuts/org.kde.KdedGlobalAccel.xml
  •   /tests/kglobalshortcuttest.cpp
  •   /tests/kglobalshortcuttest.h
Modified 15 files
  • /trunk/KDE/kdelibs/kdeui
  •   /CMakeLists.txt
  •   /actions/kaction.cpp
  •   /actions/kaction.h
  •   /dialogs/kshortcutsdialog.cpp
  •   /shortcuts/kglobalaccel.cpp
  •   /shortcuts/kglobalaccel.h
  •   /shortcuts/kglobalaccel_mac.cpp
  •   /shortcuts/kglobalaccel_mac.h
  •   /shortcuts/kglobalaccel_qws.cpp
  •   /shortcuts/kglobalaccel_qws.h
  •   /shortcuts/kglobalaccel_win.cpp
  •   /shortcuts/kglobalaccel_win.h
  •   /shortcuts/kglobalaccel_x11.cpp
  •   /shortcuts/kglobalaccel_x11.h
  •   /tests/CMakeLists.txt
23 files changed in total