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Jason vanRijn Kasper committed changes in /trunk/KDE/kdepim/kpilot/kpilot:

- more removing of backup/restore from obvious places.
really not comfortable that these actually still work, being that we've paid zero attention to them.
would rather then be not there than eat someone's palm, if we can help it.

- fixing hhtopc and pctohh. don't know how this happened, but pctohh was removed from the file menu, while hhtopc would have called pctohh.
*shudder* that could have been bad.

- fixed defaults.
default for KPilotSettings::syncType() was set to 6 in kpilot.kcfg.
this is why we were always defaulting to "restore" mode.

another ick!
also, bumped default pilot speed from 9600 baud to something slightly more current with 38400. note, this is ignored for usb devices, but iirc, 9600 baud destroys pilot-link when dealing with the old, original usb visor devices.
avoid death and destruction with a sane default.

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