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Optimization in User Interface

Shaun Reich committed changes in /branches/work/kdm-plasma/kdm/plasmafrontend:

Make dialogcontainment appear above the main containment, but as a black transparent overlay.
neat effect to show that there is a modal dialog.
make pluginloader return 0 if it doesn't need to load our non-plugin components.
it'll now also return our engine (if need be, and if it was already created), else it will return a new one.

without this, I'm thinking if multiple sections attempted to physically get the same engine/service, we'd have problems.
make the shutdown dialog respond to authenticationenabled.

Fix incompatible inconcistencies in authentication{Enabled,Completed}. looks like I hadn't renamed all of the uses of it.
Fix DialogContainment not being created (as per kdelibs changes).
We create it ourselves, directly, now. (w/out kdmpluginloader).

File Changes

Modified 16 files
  • /branches/work/kdm-plasma/kdm/plasmafrontend
  •   /dialogcontainment.cpp
  •   /dialogcontainment.h
  •   /dialogverify.cpp
  •   /dialogverify.h
  •   /kdmcorona.cpp
  •   /kdmcorona.h
  •   /kdmpluginloader.cpp
  •   /kdmpluginloader.h
  •   /kdmview.cpp
  •   /kgverify.cpp
  •   /kgverify.h
  •   /plasmaprompts.cpp
  •   /plasmaprompts.h
  •   /dataengine/kdmengine.cpp
  •   /dataengine/kdmservice.cpp
  •   /applets/greeterapplet/kdmgreeter.cpp
16 files changed in total