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Bug Fixes in Networking Tools

kde at davidedmundson dot co dot uk committed changes in [KDE-Telepathy] /src:

Compile against Telepathy-Qt4 0.5
Changed account abstract-account-parameters-widget.h to return
QVariantMap of parameterValues() instead of trying to
QMap<ParameterItem,QString> which didn't compile.

There didn't appear to be a reason for doing this as it was just copied
to a QVariantMap directly after anyway.

Note that the code now doesn't remove any parameters which have the same
value as the default. This didn't seem to be a step required by

Also updated parameter-edit-model to always return the value in the type
requested by the ProtocolParameter.

File Changes

Modified 13 files
  • /src
  •   /account-item.cpp
  •   /add-account-assistant.cpp
  •   /edit-account-dialog.cpp
  •   /KCMTelepathyAccounts/abstract-account-parameters-widget.h
  •   /KCMTelepathyAccounts/account-edit-widget.cpp
  •   /KCMTelepathyAccounts/account-edit-widget.h
  •   /KCMTelepathyAccounts/parameter-edit-model.cpp
  •   /KCMTelepathyAccounts/parameter-edit-model.h
  •   /KCMTelepathyAccounts/parameter-edit-widget.cpp
  •   /KCMTelepathyAccounts/parameter-edit-widget.h
  •   /KCMTelepathyAccounts/parameter-item.cpp
  •   /KCMTelepathyAccounts/parameter-item.h
  •   /KCMTelepathyAccounts/protocol-item.cpp
13 files changed in total