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Bug Fixes in Office

José Luis Vergara committed changes in [Calligra/krita-fixconvolution-pentalis] /krita/image/kis_convolution_worker_fft.h:

Fixed the _absurd_ error that was preventing everything from working!.
Basically, I forgot to move a pointer forward (++) when a certain condition was met that didn't need treatment of the data.
Nevertheless the pointer had to be incremented!.

Now that was solved along with a possible division by zero pointed out by pippin.

This new alpha-aware convolution was tested with all common colorspaces as well as the painterly framework, I am aware that it breaks convolution for the painterly framework but it fixes it for all other colorspaces!.

File Changes

Modified 1 files
  • /krita/image/kis_convolution_worker_fft.h
1 files changed in total