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Bug Fixes in Multimedia

sitter at kde dot org committed changes in [Phonon GStreamer] /gstreamer:

Fix streaming of seekable streams. GStreamer tries to immediately buffer, which fails for filejobs as those get opened asynchronous.

Fortunately gstbasesrcs can implement check_get_range which is basically used to indicate whether pulling is currently possible.

So now we try to pull by running needData, wait for a 100 msec if no data arrived -> no pull, this is repeated by gstremer until we get data. Supposedly we should introduce a maximum amount of failed checks though.

File Changes

Modified 4 files
  • /gstreamer
  •   /mediaobject.cpp
  •   /phononsrc.cpp
  •   /streamreader.cpp
  •   /streamreader.h
4 files changed in total