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Optimization in Networking Tools

Bernd Buschinski committed changes in [konversation] src/viewer/ircview.cpp:

Replace pairs of spaces with "<space> " to preserve some semblance of text wrapping
code: filteredLine.replace(" ", " \xA0");
This used to work like above. But just for normal text like "test test"
It got replaced as "test \xA0 \xA0test" and QTextEdit showed 4 spaces.
In case of color/italic/bold codes we don't necessary get a real pair of spaces
just "test<html> <html> <html> <html> test" and QTextEdit shows it as 1 space.
Now if we remember the last char, to ignore html tags, and check if current and last ones are spaces
we replace the current one with \xA0 (a forced space) and get
"test<html> <html>\xA0<html> <html>\xA0test", which QTextEdit correctly shows as 4 spaces.

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  • src/viewer/ircview.cpp
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