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Shaheed Haque committed changes in [pykde4] /:

Add support for konsolepart to PyKDE4 binding

In order to access the KTerminalInterface and KTerminalInterfaceV2
exposed by konsolepart, it is necessary to make use of qobject_cast.
This is not something that seems to be possible from PyQt4 and so some
C++ help is needed. This binding provides that C++ helper code, and
wrappers to match.

A sample program is also provided.
REVIEW: 101269
DIGEST: PyKDE4 get support for konsolepart.

File Changes

Added 5 files
  •   examples/kpartsExamples/
  •   sip/kterminal/kterminal.sip
  •   sip/kterminal/kterminalmod.sip
  •   sip/kterminal/terminal_interface.sip
  •   sip/kterminal/terminal_interface_v2.sip
Modified 1 files
  • CMakeLists.txt
6 files changed in total